2009 Textile Future Exhibition Meikai 2nd Spring Joint Exhibition

- Mar 28, 2019-

It is reported that this year is the second appearance of Textile Future Exhibition in CHIC and Intertextile as "Exhibition in Exhibition", which mainly consists of two parts: "Static Exhibition" and "Future Forum". This event is sponsored by the Productivity Promotion Department of China Textile Industry Federation, China Textile Information Center, supported by China Garment Association, Shengye Management Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and supported by Swarovski Professional Department, Zhongke Shiyu (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., WGSN, COLORO?, Liansheng (Fujian) Textile Technology Development Co., Ltd., Hengsmai Co., Ltd., Taijishi Co., Ltd. The company, China fashion fabric hanging tag demonstration unit and China Textile Outdoor Sports Federation jointly participated.

With China entering the new period of reform and opening up and the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic, China's textile industry has formed a perfect textile and apparel supply chain system, which has become an important industrial platform for promoting global economic and cultural cooperation and global governance. "Science and technology, fashion and green" has also become a new orientation, new label and new social recognition of China's textile industry in the new era.

For this reason, the "Textile Future Exhibition" founded in 2018 always adheres to the core of "science and technology, fashion and green". While constantly enriching and extending its external manifestation, it also deepens its connotation value. Relevant organizers said that the purpose of the event was not only to gather new textile-related products, advanced equipment, cutting-edge technology and consulting services with China as the target market, integrate high-quality supply chain resources, provide comprehensive solutions and build a platform to promote win-win cooperation in the industrial chain, but also to help and guide enterprises to explore and develop with a forward-looking vision and professional vision. The development path will essentially enhance the overall innovation ability, premium ability, brand competitiveness and value chain competitiveness of the industry, guide the industry to coordinate production, life and ecological space rationally, and realize the value link between industry and culture, environment and consumption.

As Qiao Yanjin, Director of Productivity Promotion Department of China Textile Industry Federation and Director of China Textile Information Center, said, participating in the "Textile Future Exhibition" is not only an excellent enterprise, but also a platform that spans two major exhibitions, CHIC and intertextile. It can display the outstanding advantages of its new products, new technologies and new services in an all-round way. More importantly, the platform "Science, Technology, Fashion"ยท The orientation of "green" will help enterprises to grasp the direction of industry development and take the leading position in the industry. At the same time, they will quickly establish a higher quality supply chain system and promote the win-win of business value and brand image.