2019 fur trend, luxury and youthfulness

- Mar 19, 2019-

On the evening of January 16th, “Fushion Night Fur Fashion Night” officially kicked off the 2019 Beijing International Leather Leather Products Fair. This “Fushion Night Fur Fashion Night” is a theme of ice and snow forest. The creativity and innovation of the designer of the brand strives to give full play to the outstanding performance of natural fur itself. They use fur quilting, weaving, and fabrics to make the fur stylish, light and breathable. The combination of fur and bright skin, tassels, metal fittings and other popular elements, even directly using the latest dyeing technology to make the otter a metallic color, making the fur more unassuming and wild. The effect of fur smudges is applied in different materials such as mink, fox, raccoon and even wool and sheep shearing to create different effects. This seems to be the feeling of flowing color, giving a refreshing effect.

Huasi Fur always adheres to the exquisite design style of “elegance, noble and intellectual”, adopts high-end raw materials, integrates high-tech crafts, hundreds of processes, precise tailoring and hand sewing. The 2019A/W series released by Wase is inspired by the poem "Ink" of the poet Wang Tao of the Yuan Dynasty: my family washes the head of the pond, and the blossoming flowers are light and ink marks. Don't exaggerate the color, just keep your breath full. The brand uses a mellow mellow color to illustrate the original design.