Bloom it! China Design Power | AW19 China International Fashion Week held in BeijinG

- Apr 18, 2019-

On March 25th, China International Fashion Week (2019/2020 Fall Winter Collection) opened in Beijing. It is the spring of March, thousands of flowers and plants are vying for the bright, this fashion week to "bloom" point, is the convergence of fashion power, the power of creative power, but also the concentrated bloom of Chinese design power.

Fashion itself has the dual attributes of “change” and “eternal”. China International Fashion Week has remained unchanged in its changes, and is persistently exploring the development path of China's fashion industry. Every season at China International Fashion Week, there will be new designs and new contents, but the in-depth exploration of Chinese local culture, the guidance and cultivation of young designers, and the commercial empowerment of design power have always been the work of Fashion Week. The main tone.