Chemical fiber cotton sleeping bags and fleece sleeping bags can be washed directly

- Aug 02, 2018-

Both chemical fiber cotton sleeping bags and fleece sleeping bags can be washed directly. If the washing machine is large enough, it can be machine washed. When drying, try to tiling as much as possible or hanging it in multiple places to avoid transitional sagging. The washing method of the down sleeping bag: According to the advice of the down expert, the down sleeping bag can be cleaned once in about 4 years. It has a service life of about 10 to 12 years and can be cleaned 3 times. If it is not too dirty, it can be cleaned easily, such as using a towel to stick the gasoline to clean the surface material. Sleeping bags in outdoor sports are often dirty and have more cleaning times. The cleaning method is as follows: hand washing or professional machine washing. Hand wash with a special down detergent soaked, rinse clean, do not overly, do not twist. If you want to machine wash, please hand it to a professional washing company. After washing, air-dry or dry, confirm that it is dry and gently tap it, and then naturally expand it and store it in the sleeping bag storage bag.

Feather sleeping bag wash avoid alkaline detergent, avoid twisting, avoid baking and drying. The down sleeping bag can be shared with the cotton sleeping bag lining (sleeping bag) to reduce the chance of washing, while the cotton sleeping bag is lined with a sweat-absorbing effect.