Common washing method

- Mar 07, 2019-


General washing is ordinary washing, but the washing that we are familiar with on weekdays is changed to mechanization. The water temperature is around 60°-90°C, and a certain amount of detergent is added. After 15 minutes of ordinary washing, the water is softened and softened. The agent can make the fabric softer, more comfortable and more visually natural and clean. Generally, according to the length of the washing time and the amount of chemicals, the general washing can be divided into light washing, general washing and heavy washing. Usually, the light wash is about 5 minutes, the general wash is about 15 minutes, and the general wash is about 30 minutes (this time is not accurate). There is no obvious limit for the three wash methods.

2, stone wash / stone mill (STONE WASH)

Stone washing adds a certain amount of pumice in the washing water to polish the pumice stone and the clothes. The water level in the grinding cylinder is carried out at a low water level where the clothes are completely saturated, so that the pumice can be in good contact with the clothes. It can be washed or rinsed before the stone grinding, or it can be rinsed after the stone grinding. According to the different requirements of customers, yellowstone, white stone, AAA stone, artificial stone, rubber ball, etc. can be used for washing to achieve different washing effect. After washing, the cloth surface is gray and old, and the clothes are slightly to severely damaged. .

3. Enzyme washing (ENZYME WASH)

Enzyme is a cellulase, which can degrade the fiber structure at a certain pH and temperature, so that the cloth surface can be mildly faded, fading (resulting in "peach skin" effect), and long-lasting softness. effect. It can be used in combination with or in place of stone. If used in combination with stone, it is usually called ENZYME STONE WASH.

4, sand washing (SAND WASH)

Sand washing uses some alkaline and oxidizing auxiliaries to make the clothes have a certain fading effect and old feeling after washing. If it is equipped with stone grinding, the surface of the cloth will have a soft frosty white fluff, and then add some softener. The washed fabric can be soft and soft, thereby improving the wearing comfort.