Cotton clothing maintenance

- Aug 02, 2018-

1. If the cotton clothes and down jackets have no obvious dirt, the new cotton clothes and down jackets do not need to be cleaned. Wrap them in breathable items (such as sorting bags), put a camphor ball to prevent insects, and store them in a ventilated and dry closet. Just, pay attention to the above do not be stressed.

Second, the summer and autumn rains are more, after the rainy season, it is best to take out the cotton clothes and down jackets to dry and prevent the mildew; if you find mildew, wipe them with cotton balls, wipe them with clean wet towels, and dry them. Then collect it properly. But be careful not to expose to the sun, otherwise the new clothes may fade into old clothes.

Third, before taking out the collected cotton clothes and down jackets, you can use the small stick to gently slap and restore the fluffy state.

4. Cotton clothes and down jackets should not be stored in a compression bag. Long-term compression will cause the down or warm layer to lose its elasticity and thus reduce the warmth performance.

5. If you do not use it for a long time, it is recommended to take a time to arrange a cotton suit and a down jacket to make it fully stretch and air dry.

Six, in addition to the animal and vegetable oil stains on the clothing 1. Animal and vegetable oil stains are common stains on clothing, but also a kind of polar liquid stains. These stains should be wiped or brushed with an organic solution such as solvent gasoline or tetrachloroethylene. When scrubbing, use a towel or cotton cloth to remove the stained solution in time to remove it from the surface of the garment. Prevent some stains from remaining on the surface of the clothes after the solution has evaporated, which will cause marks on the surface of the clothes. If traces appear, they can be removed by repeated wiping or extended range brushing. It is also possible to apply water to the stains of the clothes and spray them off with a high pressure spray gun. 2. After the passive vegetable oil on the clothes is contaminated, squeeze the toothpaste on the stains, gently rub a few times, then rinse with water, the oil can be removed 3. If you are stained with oil, you can sprinkle some oil in the grease. Flour, then brush with a brown brush along the hair until the oil is removed. Then, use the rattan to beat the rough surface, remove the remaining powder, and make the plush fluffy and clean. 4. If the ski shirt is stained with oil, use a cold water to make a little flour into a paste, apply it to the oil stain. After a few hours, brush the powder with a brush and the oil will disappear. 5. Bread can eliminate the oil stains of the clothes: If the clothes are dyed by the oil stains during the meal, the fresh white bread can be gently rubbed, and the oil stain can be eliminated.