Down jacket purchase time

- Aug 02, 2018-

Down jackets are a high-priced clothing category, and the original price is already high. With the vain high price of the clothing industry, as the majority of working-class consumers want to buy their favorite down jackets, they are struggling because of their shame.

According to the author's experience in shopping, the best time to buy down jackets is during the spring and summer clothing discount period. Due to the reduced demand for off-season clothing in spring and summer, dealers eager to deal with anti-season clothing will also discount clothing, and usually off-season clothing will be discounted at 50% or less. Buying down jackets in spring and summer allows you to easily purchase higher-quality, better-quality winter cold relics within your budget.

In addition, during the big festival period, you may wish to go to the mall to take a turn or pay attention to the major e-commerce websites at home and abroad, perhaps there will be holiday concessions, May Day holiday, 11 holiday, Christmas holiday Boxingday (December 26 in Hong Kong or foreign countries) It should be the most insane period of discounts throughout the year.) The Spring Festival is the most insane period of promotion.

Buy down jackets to determine the thickness and style according to their own needs, such as body cold, you can choose a long section or even a long down jacket to keep warm and cold, want to highlight the proportion of good body can also try a short down.

But one thing that must be noted is that people with allergies, allergic rhinitis, wheezing bronchitis, and asthma can't wear down jackets. Because these people have allergic reactions to animal skin, feathers of poultry, etc., there are common rashes, measles, itching and itching of the nose, itchy eyes, runny nose, cough, chest tightness, and even asthma.

Therefore, it is best to avoid wearing down and down jackets for the above types of people. Instead, use cotton clothing instead.

[About people who should not wear down jackets] Add a point: It is not recommended for younger babies to wear. On the one hand, the baby's physical fitness and resistance are generally poor, and it is prone to allergic reactions. On the other hand, the child's own temperature regulation ability is weaker than that of adults. The down jacket may cause an increase in body temperature. It is best to wear a cotton coat for your baby.