Down jacket selection doorway

- Aug 02, 2018-

Through the sharing of the basic concepts above, the down jacket will talk to you about the doorway of the down jacket.

1. Smell the taste of the down jacket. If you find pungent or smelly, just ignore it. It has been explained that goose down is more expensive than duck down because the goose is tasteless and the duck down is tasteful. But as I mentioned before, the way of processing duck down and goose down is the same. Flavored velvet (whether it is goose down or duck down) is a substandard product, so don't buy it.

2, to see whether the basic information marked on the down jacket's sign is complete, mainly the amount of cashmere, cashmere, fluff and basic information of the manufacturer, but generally does not contain information on the bulkiness, you can directly Consult the shopping guide.

3, carefully touch the inner layer of the down jacket, if you feel the thorn, it means that the content of feathers in this dress is high (for the specific reasons, please refer to the concept of "down" above), the quality should not be very good . If you don't touch your hands and don't stab, it means that the clothes have a relatively high cashmere and good warmth.

4. Next, you can put together a few down jackets that you are looking at, and use the same force to hold the surface of the clothes separately. The faster the rebound, the better the quality of the down jacket (indicating the high bulkiness). For a down jacket with the same amount of cashmere, the larger the volume (that is, the more fluffy the down jacket), the better the quality.

5, the last is to take a shot down jacket, if there are fluff or dust, it shows that the fabric of this down jacket is very poor in anti-velvet or the stitching of the needle is too large, such a down jacket will be thinner through the down jacket, waterproof And the breathability is not too good, it is not recommended for this.

Here I share the doorway of the down jacket in the store. For online shopping, especially overseas purchases, I think the most important thing is to look at the relevant parameters of down jackets and other users' evaluations. But I feel that my online shopping is not really a online shopping - I will conduct offline research first, and will not decide the order based on the information presented online. So if you have a wealth of experience in online shopping, that is, through the online text and image data, without the physical investigation, you will find the down jacket, you are very welcome to talk to the post!