establishment-office-flashes- out

- Mar 27, 2019-

"Establishment Office" flashes out in Wuhan and "Follow me into the Palace" explores new ways of classical culture.

Today's classics have also been the prevailing trend in the past. Fashion vitality can easily cross the boundaries of time and space, and show its unique charm in the interactive integration. On March 15, Cabbeen joined forces with Tianmao Huanju Day to launch an offline "POP-UP Workshop" theme store, which makes Wuhan, an ancient cultural city, jump to the rhythm of fashion avant-garde. In the witness of the crowd, Mr. Carbin, founder and art director of Cabbeen, and Wang Linkai, a member of NINE PERCENT, jointly launched Cabbeen's "POP-UP Workshop" and opened the second chapter of "Follow Me into Palace".

At the launching ceremony, the second season of the series "Cabbeen * I like the world in this palace" was officially released with plane loaded three-dimensional space and modern fashion language. The joint venture was launched at the same time at Cabbeen's flagship store, and a limited exclusive gift - "I like the world in this palace" was launched with the celebration of the celebration of the celebration of the celebration of the celebration of the celebration of the celebration of the celebration of the celebration of The Tidal Box contains six kinds of tides which converge traditional and modern senses. It carries Cabbeen's free and unruly young attitude, breaks the secondary wall of traditional culture and avant-garde design, and gives a brand-new color to the representatives of the world in the palace.

On March 14, Cabbeen Tianmao Festival, there is also a big wave of welfare gifts: 3 pieces 7% discount/4 pieces 6% discount 15 minutes before the opening of the discount, more can be added to the festival ticket 899-100/599-50/399-30, full time payment 1399, that is, I like the custom-made "Tide Box" in this palace, rich surprise caused a crowd of tide people can not wait for "Tide Box"!