Green is fashionable! Green Fiber logo theme release show opens retail end application imagination

- Mar 14, 2019-

The outer model wearing a dark jacket and light-colored slacks led the hands of the children on the runway, holding a pink toy pig in their hands; a female model holding an upright hand A brown bear toy about 150 cm high; another female model holding a more powerful "guy" on her right arm - a tiger toy about 1 meter long passed by the T-stage; At the T-stage background board, several female models used their hands to open a number of carpets with full-flowers and exquisite weaving techniques to show the audience.


This is a fun show, and has a "leading fashion new style" meaning of the release show, from March 12th "green life, starting from the fiber" - green fiber logo theme release show at the National Exhibition Center (Shanghai) H8. The release site of Hall 2.