How to choose outdoor functional textiles?

- Mar 06, 2019-

At present, the standard of outdoor textile and apparel products on the market is: GB/T32614-2016 "Outdoor Sportswear Jackets", GB/T22853-2009 "Knitted Sportswear", FZ/T81007-2012 "Single, Clip clothing, etc. Take GB/T32614-2016 "Outdoor Sportswear Jacket" as an example. In addition to the conventional indicators such as formaldehyde, pH value, decomposable carcinogenic aromatic amine dye, pilling, color fastness, etc., the functional technical indicators are only investigated. The moisture resistance and moisture permeability of the fabric surface. The product standards such as GB/T22853-2009 and FZ/T81007-2012 do not mention or evaluate the functional indicators. However, as a functional product, the thermal insulation properties, air permeability, antibacterial hygiene performance, UV resistance, evaporation rate, water absorption rate, drip diffusion time, wicking height and other moisture absorption properties of textiles should have corresponding assessment requirements.


The quality of outdoor textile and clothing varies widely

The Ningbo Center for Inspection and Quarantine Technology Center has conducted waterproofing, UV resistance, pre-washing and 5 washings on outdoor textile garments (including jackets, T-shirts, and pants) of nearly 30 samples of common brands on the market. The detection of moisture absorption and quick-drying performance (including water absorption rate, drip diffusion time, wicking height, evaporation rate, moisture permeability), found that different brands of products in addition to good UV resistance, there are significant differences in several other indicators.

Among them, the biggest difference is the waterproof performance and moisture absorption and quick-drying performance. The products with better waterproof performance have anti-hydrostatic pressure performance of more than 50 kPa, while the poor products can only reach about 1 kPa; while the moisture absorption and quick drying The difference in performance is also large, especially the drip diffusion time. Some samples can be completely diffused on the fabric in 1 to 2 seconds, less than or equal to 3 seconds according to the standard requirements, while some samples are completely incapable of spreading; after 5 washings Samples are generally less accurate than samples before washing. Comprehensive comparison found that the difference between different brands or different brands of the same brand is also very large, some moisture absorption performance is good, but the quick drying is poor.

How to choose the outdoor functional textile that suits you

At present, the outdoor functional textile market is in a situation where the fish is mixed and the chaos is unclear. When consumers buy outdoor functional textiles, it is recommended to touch, smell and see. Take the jacket as an example: touch the fabric, whether the fabric is wrinkled or degummed, whether the seam is tight, and whether the rubber is flat. Second, smell, generally inferior products when the package is opened, gently swing, there will be annoying, uncomfortable smell. Third, look at the information, see whether the contents of the tag and durability label meet the requirements of GB5296.4-2012, and should include the manufacturer's name and address, product name, product type or specification, fiber composition and content, maintenance method, and product standard to be implemented. , safety categories, use and storage precautions, as well as special functional instructions such as waterproof, UV resistant, quick drying, breathable, etc. For outdoor textile clothing, since you have decided to buy, you should buy good quality, especially professional outdoor sports. It is recommended that consumers should not believe in foreign trade goods, tail single goods and so-called high imitation products. Try to choose regular channels to buy.

In addition, the maintenance of outdoor functional textiles is also extremely important. Every wash will have some damage to the clothes, try to avoid frequent washing. If you choose machine washing during washing, you should choose a washing machine with professional outdoor washing and drying procedures. It can protect the skin clothing from waterproof and breathable coating for outdoor clothes. Or choose hand-washing at room temperature and focus on scrubbing the dirty parts. Do not wring out the clothes and iron at high temperatures. This will damage the coating and cause the functional indicators to drop. After washing, it should be dried directly in the natural environment.