The key to electrostatic generation is that the air is too dry

- Apr 16, 2019-

The key to electrostatic generation is that the air is too dry, and the better the insulation of the object, the higher the possibility of electrostatic generation. But in real life, the reason of static electricity on our body mostly lies in the choice of clothing fabrics and the moisturizing work of skin surface. (Hand cream is also a good choice!)

Think about the pain of being electrostatically charged. Learn some tricks to prevent electrostatics.

1. Wear less chemical fiber clothing

When choosing clothes, try to wear cotton and linen fabrics, and try not to wear chemical fiber clothing, such as polyester, nylon, acrylic, etc. Chemical fiber clothing should be avoided as much as possible when choosing and purchasing. In addition, bedding should not use chemical fiber materials, chemical fiber products are very easy to generate static electricity.

2. Multipurpose clothing softeners

In winter, more wool clothes are worn. This kind of sweater and coat easily rub and generate static electricity. When washing, clothes are soaked with fabric softener, which can prevent static electricity to a large extent after drying. Diluting the fiber softener in water can also be effective when sprayed on clothes. It can soften the fibers and reduce static electricity caused by friction.

3. Keep a proper amount of humidity

First, you can put your clothes in the steam-filled bathroom after the bath and let the moisture soak into the clothes. In addition, you can use humidifier to keep indoor humidity; when you have a heated room, it is better to have humidifier or put a plate of water to increase air humidity, so that clothes can have anti-static ability, their own body also has anti-static ability.

4. Paper in the middle when keeping clothes

This can not only prevent static electricity, but also prevent insects. Of course, cotton clothes can also be placed between knitted clothes, which is also a good way to prevent static electricity.

These are the clothing-related anti-static tricks, life anti-static tricks you also need to understand: after watching television, washing your hands after using the computer can release static charge in water; when you want to open the door, you can first touch the tip of the key to release static electricity in the body; when you get off the taxi, you first touch the gold on the door when your body rubs against it. It belongs to the frame, to eliminate the static electricity of the body...