Levi's optimistic about e-commerce channels, pushing custom Tmall sales rose 89%

- Mar 25, 2019-

Jeans giant Levis rose 31.82% on the first day of the New York Stock Exchange to $22.41. It has been re-listed after privatization delisting, and it has been 34 years since the first 100-year-old store was listed. Levi's focus on the e-commerce channel in the prospectus, saying that although the current income is only 4%, but the potential is huge. The importance and investment of the “Jeans Originator” for the e-commerce channel is also reflected in the action of its Tmall flagship store.

On January 1 this year, Levi's Chinese official Xuan Xukun was the spokesperson for his brand. Eighteen days later, Levi's participation in Tmall Super Brand Day, the first time to introduce a custom game, hidden Cai Xukun's special cut version of the music documentary in a custom pattern, shaped on the jacket. Users can use the mobile phone Taobao AR buy scan pattern to see the exclusive documentary that Cai Xukun has never published. This customized project took only two weeks from pattern customization to the final launch of the product. Previously, Levi's order from global order to online sales took nearly half a year.

The new effect of the new gameplay is that the number of new fans in the brand has reached 2.5 times that of the Double 11 in 2018. The growth in the number of fans quickly produced a buying effect. In the “March 8” festival, which was mainly aimed at female users, Levi's accounted for more brands as male users, and sales rose 89% year-on-year.

As the main third-party online sales platform of Levi's in China, Tmall has become its main force to capture the Chinese market. But for Levi's, which is constantly seeking new ideas, how to better tap the segmentation needs of Chinese users, especially younger users, to accurately understand the trend of denim casual apparel, and to deepen the target audience, is the platform that it hopes to use Tmall. Power can be achieved.

Tmall’s suggestion is that for young users between the ages of 18 and 24, custom products will be introduced, so that the younger generation’s understanding of Levi’s is no longer just a “professional clothing” brand, but a fashion, leading culture and lifestyle. Brand. Tmall has huge consumer data, which allows Levi's to better understand the behavior and needs of young users. On the other hand, digital marketing tools have quickly attracted a large number of new fans in the near future - this is the most High-potential users of value.

In addition to Levi's, more and more foreign brands are collaborating with Tmall to explore the potential of e-commerce channels. It is understood that Levi's and Tmall will continue to cooperate on the demand mining and customized products of young users, and it is possible to extend the other most popular denim categories to the other casual wear categories.