Does the thicker down suit keep you warm

- Apr 02, 2019-

Those things about down


Does the thicker down suit keep you warm?

Buy down, you will be more concerned about warmth. Is that the thicker the down, the better it will keep warm? Or is it that the more expensive the down, the better its warmth retention? With this doubt, today Xiaobian has a good chat with you about feathers!


What is down?

Down is the abdomen of goose and duck. It has the shape of a reed flower and is called a feather in sheets. Because feather is a kind of animal protein fiber, it has tens of millions of tiny triangular stomata, which can shrink and expand with the change of temperature. It has the function of temperature regulation, which can absorb the hot air flowing from the human body and isolate the invasion of cold air from the outside world.

Advantages of Down

Among the four natural warming materials, cotton, wool, silk and down, feather has the best warming performance. Natural down also has good moisture absorption and divergence properties that other thermal insulation materials do not have. According to the measurement, when people sleep, the body constantly emits sweat. An adult emits about 100 grams of sweat overnight. Down can continuously absorb and discharge the sweat released by the human body, so that the body does not feel damp and muggy.