Sleeping bag cleaning

- Aug 02, 2018-

1. Please use neutral detergent or special sleeping bag cleaning agent to clean the sleeping bag. Do not use strong cleaning agent, bleach and fabric softener.

2. The sleeping bag can be soaked for a short time before cleaning. Use a soft brush to gently clean the head, neckline, foot and other dirty parts;

3, the sleeping bag can be machine washed by the front-mounted drum washing machine, but the top-mounted turbo washing machine cannot be used. Before the machine wash, turn the sleeping bag out, pull all the zippers and fasten the buckle. The washing machine chooses warm water and mild mode. Do not use the drying function. The strong centrifugal force will damage the sleeping bag fabric and the vertical lining;

4. Please thoroughly rinse the detergent and soap foam;

5. After cleaning, do not pick up the sleeping bag from one side, but pick up the sleeping bag from the bottom, otherwise it will damage the fabric and lining of the sleeping bag;

6, frequent transitions will damage the warmth of the sleeping bag down, so keep the number of washings as much as possible while keeping it clean.