Sleeping bag notes

- Aug 02, 2018-

New mothers are always anxious about the baby's sleeping problems. Baby sleeping bags are just a good choice, but how do you buy baby sleeping bags for your baby? At 8 o'clock, let you choose a sleeping bag that is suitable for your baby.

1. Choice of sleeping bag style: No matter what kind of sleeping bag is used, as long as the baby is comfortable, the mother can handle it.

2. The thickness of the sleeping bag: The baby sleeping bag on the market is suitable for spring and autumn, and is suitable for winter use. When choosing a sleeping bag, you must consider the climate of your location, and then consider the body of your baby, and then decide the thickness of the sleeping bag you bought. If you live in the north, there is heating in the winter, the temperature is generally around 18 degrees, so you should choose a thin, suitable for spring and autumn sleeping bags. If you feel cold, put a blanket on the sleeping bag and you're done.

3. The color of the sleeping bag: Considering the unsafe factors in the printing and dyeing of the fabric, I suggest that you try to choose a white or light monochrome lining sleeping bag. Avoid unnecessary pollution as much as possible.

4. The smell of sleeping bags: Don't forget this when you buy a sleeping bag! Smell the smell of sleeping bags. If you feel pungent and strange (including scent), I suggest you give up the purchase, even if it is someone who sent you, don't use it. This type of sleeping bag is not a problem with printing or dyeing. Still safe first!

5. Work on sleeping bags. When choosing a sleeping bag, besides looking at the logo of the sleeping bag, you should touch it yourself. Feel the texture of the sleeping bag, thick and soft. Pay special attention to the design of some small parts, such as whether the two ends of the zipper are protected, so as to ensure that the baby's skin will not be scratched. The buttons and decorations on the sleeping bag are firm. Whether the inner layer of the sleeping bag is wired or the like.

6. The size of the sleeping bag. Of course, the baby's fitted sleeping bag is good. From an economic point of view, I prefer the kind of sleeping bag that can be lengthened. A good quality sleeping bag is no problem for two or three winters. The long sleeping bag can be adjusted according to the baby's head, which is very economical.

7. The number of sleeping bags. I feel that it is enough to prepare 2 or 3 for my baby. Most mothers are willing to bring diapers to their babies at night. There are very few opportunities for baby to wet the bed, so there are 2 exchanges to use. If your baby is only a few months old, I suggest you choose a quilt and a vest-style sleeping bag.

8. After that, no matter what kind of sleeping bag you choose, for the health of your baby, I suggest that you wash the sleeping bag first after you buy it, and then use it thoroughly before drying it.