Teflon's cloth -protection- technology

- Apr 17, 2019-

So, what are the magical advantages of Teflon's cloth protection technology?

1. Cloth dries more easily.

The fabric treated by Teflon EcoElite has a more comfortable wearing experience. After many times of washing, water-borne stains can still coagulate into droplets and slip on the surface of the cloth, and the cloth can be quickly dried. Therefore, its excellent performance makes clothing durable as new, time-saving and economical.

2. Maintaining good air permeability of fabrics

If the fabric can only be waterproof, but no air permeability, it is still a failure of the "rain" clothes, so we can not ignore one thing or the other, and Teflon EcoElite `water splashing agent can maintain good air permeability of the fabric, so that everyday wear or sports are more comfortable.

3. Environmental protection, renewable raw materials

Environmental protection and renewable raw materials are the key factors to judge whether the outdoor equipment is fashionable or not, and the content of renewable raw materials used in Teflon EcoElite water sprinkler is as high as 60%, non-fluorine, suitable for all kinds of cotton, man-made and blended fibers, with excellent results.