white-collar worker

- Apr 17, 2019-

WHITE COLLAR, a high-end ready-to-wear brand represented by Oriental Art, was founded in the last six years of the last century. After years of hard work, white-collar workers have become one of the leading brands of high-end fashion in China, leading the trend in the unconventional fashion industry. Fashion is the vane of the Chinese fashion industry. Perfect design, expensive fabric selection, comfortable wearing, excellent service and excellent sales performance constitute the successful brand image of white-collar workers.

    White-collar workers currently have: white-collar workers, SHEES, K.UU, Golden collar and other famous brands, respectively, to interpret the different understanding of white-collar fashion, which also meets the needs of various customers for fashion. The white-collar workers use advanced ideas to manage the enterprise. From the very beginning, they have rid themselves of the traditional business model of the apparel industry, and operate the company as a customer-oriented structure to form a virtual enterprise. White-collar workers have introduced information management systems into enterprise management since the 1990s. On this basis, the establishment of enterprise resource management system (ERP) has achieved great success. The global supply chain system will reflect the various supply information of white-collar workers to the whole distribution. The world's suppliers, and require them to synchronize with the white-collar workers, so that the company's rapid response system (JIT) can be realized, and the management of modern non-traditional clothing industry makes the rapid development of enterprises.

    The white-collar design concept designed for life provides the most reasonable fashion matching solutions and suggestions for women, and conveys a way of wearing and living to Chinese women. Designed for life, more than 800 series of fashion products are launched each year. These different fashion collections, which are inspired by new fashion creations, more fully show each woman's unique lifestyle and mature charm.