Washing running clothes is easy? Maybe you made five mistakes.

- Apr 08, 2019-

Washing running clothes is easy? Maybe you made five mistakes.


Everyone washes clothes, but not every runner can wash running clothes correctly. Do you know what to look at before washing running clothes? Can any detergent wash running clothes? Can the dryer and softener be used? The following five mistakes are often made by runners when they wash clothes.

Washing running clothes is easy? Maybe you made five mistakes.

Do not check clothes labels

The labels on running clothes are small, but they have a lot of key information on them, so the first step before washing clothes is to check the labels. The label will indicate the material of the clothes and the requirements for laundry, such as the inability to wash in hot water, the inability to use bleach, etc. Cleaning expert and writer Melissa Merkel said: "Like some high-strength fabrics, hot water is not suitable for washing, otherwise it will destroy nylon or latex fibers. Warm water is the best, once the water temperature is too high, clothes will be destroyed.

Stack for 3 days and wash again

Sweat-stained clothes pile up, which can easily breed bacteria and give off a nasty stench. The real culprit is the moisture carried in sweat, which promotes microbial reproduction. The longer clothes accumulate, the more stench they produce. Therefore, runners who often run must develop a good habit of washing clothes frequently. Don't let sweat damage clothes. The key is to be unhealthy to the body.

Do not use special detergents

Because running clothes are often soaked in sweat, some parts, such as the armpit, are hard to clean for a long time, so now there is a special detergent for cleaning sports clothes on the market. Such a detergent is very helpful for the cleaning of sports clothing. It can quickly remove sweat and stains, and prevent the growth of bacteria and molds.

Especially for long distance runners and cross-country runners, clothes will be soaked after every training. If they are not cleaned every time, over time, clothes will be gradually damaged and lose their due value. However, the use of such detergents should not be excessive, otherwise it will leave some residues on clothes, leading to the growth of bacteria and molds.