Washing fades? Learning these skills is enough!

- Apr 09, 2019-

What else do you like to do in hot summer besides going on vacation? For fashion icons, of course, buy! But the problem arises. When washing clothes, what happens when the clothes fade? Sometimes it not only affects the color of the clothes themselves, but also dyes other clothes...

This is a big problem for the tide people.

So, how to alleviate the problem of washing discoloration?

Don't worry, then look down. ~Xiaobian has a good idea!

I. Boiled Water Washing Method

Newly purchased pure cotton clothes, first soaked in boiling water and then washed, can make clothes more wear-resistant, and not easy to fade.

2. Salt water fixation method

The easily faded clothes are soaked in brine for about half an hour, then rinsed with clear water, and then washed in a general way. Salt can fix the color of clothes. Soaking in salt water can prevent the fading of clothes.

3. Soaking in concentrated brine

Jeans will fade a little when they are washed, so before washing, they can be soaked in concentrated saline water for about two hours, and then washed in a general way, it is not easy to fade.

4. Soaking of Herbal Tea

When dealing with easily faded sweaters, you can first immerse them in herbal tea for more than ten minutes, then wash them in a general way. The effect is very good.

5. Anti-fading of white vinegar

When washing clothes, you can add 1-2 spoons of white vinegar to the water to prevent the clothes from fading.

These are a few tips to ease the discoloration of laundry, but these are not enough. There are still a few points to pay attention to.~

1. When soaking clothes, we must pay attention to soaking them separately according to their colours, so as to prevent the fading of colours and subsequent dyeing problems of other clothes.

2. Many dyes are easily soluble in water, so when washing, we should pay attention to not soak in hot water or laundry powder for too long.

3. Clothes will decolor when they are exposed to the sun for a long time, so try not to expose them to the sun. You can turn the clothes over and hang them out.

4. Don't use a brush to wash clothes when you wash them. In that case, the clothes will fade easily.

In addition to the above methods, Xiaobian recommends another tips for laziness.~

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