Lanyard Pistol White

Lanyard Pistol White

The Lanyard, Pistol, White is to provide an accoutrement for wear with the appropriate uniform by Defence personnel.
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Product Details

Lanyard Cord

The lanyard cord shall be white, cable laid, 3 stranded with three yarns each consisting of 9 ends of 98 Tex (6’s) cotton yarn, 


Lanyard Colour

When tested in accordance with AS 1580.601.1, the colour of the lanyard shall be a close match (rating not exceeding 2) to 

the Material Standard MS 8465-0121. 


Lanyard. The lanyard shall consist of a small loop and a neck loop.

1. The small loop shall be spliced one tuck and a Turk’s Head knot worked with 3 ends of the strands on the lanyard; and

2. The neck loop shall be formed with a sliding Turk’s Head knot worked around 3 times. Refer to Annex B. 

 Measurements of Completed Lanyard.

1. Length overall. The overall length shall be 70 ± 1 cm. (Neck loop open to maximum extent as shown in Annex B);

2. Length of small loop. The length shall be 8 ± 1 cm; and

Length of neck loop. The length shall be 60 ± 1 cm