Men Uniform Shirts

Men Uniform Shirts

Men Uniform Shirts: FABRIC: Contents: 65% Dacron® polyester, 35% cotton Construction: Warp = 106, Filling = 50 Yarns: 26 singles Weave: Poplin Weight: 7.1 ozs./lin.yd. 4.25 ozs/sq. yd. Dying: High pressure jet dyed Finish: Soil release

Product Details


STYLE:  Dress uniform shirt, seven (7) button placket front, banded collar, placket front, two (2) patch pockets, rounded flaps with hook & loop or button closure, pencil opening in left flap, epaulets, short sleeve.

FABRIC:   Contents: 65% Dacron® polyester, 35% cotton

  Construction:  Warp = 106, Filling = 50

  Yarns:  26 singles

  Weave: Poplin

  Weight: 7.1  ozs./lin.yd.

      4.25 ozs/sq. yd.

  Dying: High pressure jet dyed

  Finish: Soil release


COLORS:   Tan/Kaki (Pantone 459) /Dark Green


FRONT:  There shall be a full separate placket on the left front, 1 ½” wide, sewn on, having one buttonhole on the collar stand and buttonholes on the front spaced 3 ½” apart.  The right front shall be plain with a minimum turned back facing of 1 ¼”.  There shall be no raw edge on this facing.  19 ligne buttons shall be attached to the right with corresponding buttonholes on the placket.  There shall be an extra button at the bottom of the right front.

POCKETS: There shall be two (2) patch pockets.  They shall be 5 ½” wide with mitered corners and 6 ½” high (finished with flap).  The flap shall be 5 ½” wide, rounded type.  The flap shall finish clean underneath.  The sides shall be 2 ½” high and the center shall be 2 ¾” high.  There shall be a 1” wide pencil opening in the left flap to correspond with the sewn in pencil compartment in the left pocket. Top stitching shall be 1/32” on all sides of the pockets and flaps with a double needle stitch spaced ¼” at the top of the flaps.  There shall be a stitched buttonhole and 19 ligne button, both on the flap.  The flaps shall close with a hook and loop or button closure. This shall identically match the color of the shirt.

COLLAR:  There shall be a banded collar.  The points shall be 3 ¼” long.  There shall be permanent collar stays.  The interlining shall be woven polyester or canvas.  The collar shall be topstitched ¼” from the edge and shall close with a 19 ligne button.

SLEEVES:  Short sleeves shall be common length with sewn hem and no rough edges showing.

YOKE & BACK: There shall be a two (2) piece yoke, stitched and turned.  Yoke shall be 3 ¼” below the collar seam in back.  

EPAULETS: There shall be two (2) “X” stitched epaulets made of two plies of self material with a button closure.  These shall be interlined with woven polyester or canvas material.  The pointed end shall finish ½” from the neck seam.  They shall measure 1 ¾” wide at the shoulder seam and taper to 1 ½” by the button, and then come to a point.

BUTTONS: Shall be first grade, pearlescent plastic, 4-hole, 19 ligne, dyed to match the shirt color.  

SEAMING:  Sleeves, side seams and armhole shall be overlock safety stitched.  All remaining seams shall be single needle stitching not less than 12-14 stitches per inch.  Bottom hem of shirttail shall be a continuous machine hem.  

THREAD:  All thread shall be color fast, polyester core, two ply.  This shall identically match the fabric color.

INTERLININGS: Collar, collar band, placket front, cuffs, pocket flaps and epaulets shall be interlined with 100% woven polyester taffeta or canvas.

FINISHING:  This garment shall be finished in a first class workmanlike manner with all loose threads removed.  The omission or apparent omission of any wording or specifications shall mean that only the highest quality industry standards shall be used on all fabric and component parts including labor.  Where there may be a discrepancy between the standard sample and the written specification, the detail of the standard sample shall prevail.

PACKAGING & FOLDING: Shirts will be professionally pressed and folded.  Each shirt will be individually packed in a plastic bag and placed in boxes according to size.  Each shirt box will be clearly labeled with the product style number, color and size.

LABELS:  All labels will be permanent to withstand repeated cleanings for the life of the garment.  The following labels shall be applied.   There shall be a label clearly showing the fabric contents, laundering instructions and garment size.