Alexandre Arnault-Not Only Gao Fu Shuai-but Also The Digital Pioneer Of LVMH Group

- Apr 03, 2019-

Alexandre Arnault: Not only Gao Fu Shuai, but also the digital pioneer of LVMH Group

It's not hard to think of Alexandre Arnault as an ordinary "rich second generation": his father, Bernard Arnault, is the richest French man in the $13 billion LVMH empire, while Alexandre, a tall, thin man over 1.83 metres, often shows off in impeccable naval blue Dior suits and Berluti shoes.

From beginning to end, he was very polite, gentle and calm, and seemed to inherit his father's curiosity, self-motivation and ambition to become a luxury industry legend and a world-renowned business tycoon. But he kept a low profile with the outside world until recently.

When Alexandre Arnault first appeared in public in January, he accompanied his father to Trump Tower, where he appeared in a highly publicized meeting with President-elect Donald Trump to discuss the future plans of the Louvre Group for important U.S. markets, including opening new ones in the United States. Factory and other matters.

At that time, many people in the luxury industry seemed to be staring because it was Alexandre, not Delphine, 42, or Antoine, 40, who shouldered the heavy responsibility of accompanying his father to New York. Later that month, 24-year-old Alexandre was appointed co-CEO of Rimowa, a German high-end luggage brand that Louis Vincent acquired 80% equity for 640 million euros. It is world-famous for its high-quality grooved design of aluminium-magnesium alloy suitcases.

Alexandre was able to get the appointment, not just because he was also named Arnault. The acquisition of Rimowa was actually Alexandre's idea. "I spent two years flattering the former owner of the brand, spending a lot of time with him, showing him what we've done, and always tempting him," he said during lunch with young Arnault at the Bulgari Hotel in London, part of the Louvre Empire, whose English had a strong American accent.

The global luggage market has reached US$18.5 billion and is now in rapid integration. According to Euromonitor, a market research company, Samsonite had a 17.3% market share in 2015 and acquired Tumi last March for $1.8 billion. The acquisition of Rimowa's Louis Vuitton, now firmly occupies the second place in the market. Originally with its brand Louis Vuitton, it has laid a solid foundation in the luxury suitcase field for a long time, but now it has ensured a leading position in the fast-growing high-end luggage and baggage field.

"The tourism market is growing at an alarming rate, with an annual growth rate of 12% to 15%. But the Rimowa brand hasn't changed much in the past 20 to 30 years, "Alexander explained." At most, two rounds have become four rounds, some piecemeal improvements, but never to a new level.