Cotton Clothes Are Made Of Cotton, Down And Other Materials

- Aug 02, 2018-

The cotton clothes are made of cotton, down and other materials, and are used for cold-proof clothing. Long cotton clothing is often considered to be a representative of bloated, fearing that the fat MM does not wear cotton clothes, rustic and not beautiful. In fact, the cotton suits are well matched and will look tall.

Fashionable and practical cotton and down jackets are essential to cope with this winter's cold changes. Dressing with all kinds of cotton clothes will also make the mature women have different images and moods every day. Whether it's a street-style glossy short-sleeved cotton jacket or a simple and elegant long down jacket, you can wear your own pop style with proper use of hats, scarves and other accessories.

The arrival of a cold wave, combined with super soft fur, with the whole piece of cotton material, the smooth surface of the material is windproof and cold-resistant. It is a first-class, improved the impression of the general coat, no burden but warm enough, even at work. I don't feel cold on the road. The elegantly tailored instant jacket, in a similar style, how to highlight the difference, most of the details are in the middle of the work, adding a fold on the collar of the arc, plus a crystal diamond decoration The perfect self-cultivation is not complicated by the fatness of OL.