Down Jacket Purchase Error

- Aug 02, 2018-

1. The higher the amount of cashmere, the better?

According to national regulations, the amount of cashmere in the down jacket should not be less than 50%. But usually people think that the higher the amount of cashmere, the warmer the clothes. This is not a completely correct statement: First, the amount of cashmere is compared to the same type of down jacket, and a long down jacket and a down vest are incomparable. In fact, the warmth effect of the same type of down jacket with 80% of cashmere and 90% of cashmere has no obvious effect. In general, 70%-80% of the down jacket with cashmere has already met the requirements of most people.

2. The thicker the down jacket, the warmer it is?

The amount of velvet refers to the total weight of all the downs filled by the down jacket, which is related to the size, length and style of the clothes. But what needs to be reminded is that the more the filling is, the more the clothes are, the warmer the down jacket is. As the packing density increases, the amount of heat lost by the filler conduction increases. As mentioned above, improving the bulkiness of the down filling is the key to improving the warmth. The same amount of filling, the higher the bulkiness, the more insulating air the down contains, so the better the thermal insulation performance. . This is also the reason why some light down jackets on the market are also good for warmth. Some down jackets with a lot of cashmere are mixed with hairy feathers, fluff and smashed hair. Even if the amount of cashmere is the same, the bulkiness is also reduced.

3. The softer the down jacket, the better?

In fact, high-quality down has a certain degree of fine feathers. It is normal to say that if it is particularly soft to touch, it will not be touched by a single stem. Such products should be carefully purchased. Because some manufacturers will break down the down jacket, fluffy cotton, and feathers, then fill them in clothes and use them as a down to deceive consumers. Not only does it not achieve good warmth, but health may not meet the standard.

4, white duck down is warmer than gray duck down, goose down is warmer than duck down?

The choice of white duck down and gray duck down in the down jacket is determined according to the color depth of the fabric. Generally, the color of the fabric is lighter and the white duck down is used. When the color is darker, the gray duck down is used as the filling. Some merchants claim that goose down filled into the down jacket will be warmer than duck down, in fact, the warmth of goose down and duck down is almost the same.

Down is by far the best natural material for human warmth. After washing, drying, grading and other processes, it is made into a down jacket. Compared with man-made materials, the down warmth is three times that of ordinary man-made materials.