Annual -sales -growth -of- 80%,-what -is- The -secret -of -this -outdoor- Brand

- Apr 16, 2019-

Archaeopteryx: Annual sales growth of 80%, what is the secret of this outdoor brand?

Chinese consumers are becoming more and more enthusiastic about outdoor sports. Last year, the Chinese spent 48 billion yuan on outdoor equipment, an increase of 47% over 2012.

This is clearly good news for Canada's big outdoor archaeopteryx. Fifteen years ago, Archaeopteryx entered China. In 2013, the brand opened its flagship store on Tianmao. Opening a store on Tianmao, to avoid the brand drowning in the many brands in the big stores, and Tianmao also provides the most comprehensive brand products for Chinese consumers. Today, the brand sells about 500 different SKUs per year on SkyCat.

Today, China is the fastest growing market for Archaeopteryx and the most important market after Canada and the United States. Last year, sales at the Archaeopteryx Skycat Store soared by 80%.

For Archaeopteryx, Skylight Cat is more than just a sales platform. "Every brand wants to combine brand stories with Tianmao Store, and so do we." Adam David Ketcheson, Vice President of Archaeopteryx Market and B2C, said. Nowadays, brands are integrating user-generated content, social networking site content and video, while Tianmao provides many powerful tools for brands.

For example, Archaeopteryx and Alibaba jointly designed brand promotion campaigns for target audiences. From April to June this year, a brand promotion campaign named "Bird Man" was carried out in full swing. The campaign tells many professional stories, which can reflect the brand value of Archaeopteryx. Among them, there is a story about a pioneer of wildlife photography in China. In the first month of the campaign alone, visits to the flagship store of Archaeopteryx Skylight Cat grew by 30% and sales by 38%.

At the same time, Archaeopteryx also makes good use of Loft, the latest new function of Skycat. This function allows the brand to create a "brand story" category on the website, and consumers can click in to see pictures and videos related to the brand story. Since the launch of Loft in July, more than 200 flagship stores have begun to use this new feature. Archaeopteryx believes that this new function helps them tell stories in another way, so as to better convey the brand concept to consumers. "For brands, this deep connection with consumers is much more meaningful than simply increasing the number of visitors to Tianmao Store." William Yang, Chief Marketing Officer of Archaeopteryx in China, said.

Offline, including stores in shopping malls and department stores, Archaeopteryx now has more than 240 physical stores in China. William Yang said that through the business platform, brands have a better understanding of consumers, which also directly affects their offline store strategy. For example, the brand image of "low-key luxury" and the design of shopping experience in many physical stores come from data and information collected online.