Jeep Outdoor 2019 China Textile Elite Prairie Hiking Challenge Kicks Off

- Mar 21, 2019-

In the "2018 China Outdoor Products Market Research Report" released in January this year, the total retail sales of China's outdoor products reached 24.98 billion yuan in 2018, a year-on-year growth rate of 2.10%, and total shipments of 14.12 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth rate of 2.38. %. The outdoor sports industry, as a globally recognized sunrise industry with only 20 years of development, has entered a period of adjustment after years of rapid growth, but the market potential and development space of the industry is still huge. Therefore, the launch of the China Textile Outdoor Sports League and the China Textile Elite Challenge immediately triggered a new topic in the industry and was seen as a new benchmark for the cross-border integration of the Chinese outdoor sports textile industry.


Market segment needs to be guided

Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission and the General Administration of Sports jointly issued the Action Plan for Further Promoting Sports Consumption (2019-2020). The plan points out that the focus is on supporting the development of consumer-oriented fitness and leisure projects, promoting water sports, mountain outdoor, and aviation sports. The implementation of the industrial development plan for sports projects such as automobile and motorcycle sports, marathon, bicycles and fencing has formed a new hot spot for sports consumption.

According to expert analysis, in the next five years, the outdoor products industry will still face challenges in the macroeconomic environment, related policies, popularity of popular sports, consumer adaptability, industry standards, and outdoor cultural lifestyles. However, how to make the outdoor market return to the growth track through moderate adjustment will still be the common challenge of the entire industry.

In the face of the practical needs of many levels of society, industry and enterprises, in 2018, the China Textile Outdoor Sports League came into being. Since its inception, the Alliance has been a platform for efficient communication and deep cooperation in the field of Chinese textile outdoor sports, promoting cooperation and win-win between the upstream and downstream industries in the outdoor sports textile industry in China, creating a new outdoor sports ecosystem and promoting multi-industry cross- The integration of the world is the goal and direction. Therefore, every action of the Alliance has continuously promoted the development of China's textile industry towards the “sports +” business interaction and cooperation mode, promoting multi-industry cross-border integration and cooperation and win-win between the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain.

As the first show after the establishment of the China Textile Outdoor Sports League, at the beginning of the China Textile Elite Challenge, the competition took the cross-border of the outdoor sports industry and the cultural industry, fashion industry, tourism industry, health industry and the textile and apparel industry. The integration, this is not only a practice of sports events in the big travel industry system, but also injects new vitality and development opportunities into the future “unbounded integration” of the textile and garment industry.