One Belt And One Road Business Opportunities Are Infinite: The Characteristics Of The Apparel Market In Indonesia, Saudi Arabia And India

- Mar 06, 2019-

Now is the peak season for foreign trade clothing exports. This year's “One Belt, One Road” business machine series will show you the clothing retail market of three countries. Their common characteristics are rapid development and full potential, but each country's preferred clothing features and consumption. The behavioral characteristics are different, is your customer in it?


First, Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is the largest economy and consumer market in the Middle East. It has high per capita income and high consumption power. It can be described as a local tyrant. The Saudi Retail Development Index ranks 8th in the world. Saudi Arabia relies heavily on imports. “Hao Tao” is very popular in Saudi Arabia. Nearly one-third of people shop on overseas shopping websites several times a year. Among them, “dress” is a very important part of the Saudi retail industry.

Discover one: prefer traditional clothing + embrace world fashion

Influenced by local customs and religious beliefs, the search for traditional costumes still dominates. According to Google data, in the hot search related to women's clothing, the search related to traditional clothing accounted for 60%.

The most commonly searched are Abaya, Shayla, etc., all in Arabic as the search language. At the same time, everyone also loves the fashion trend of the West. Western high street brands and high-end brands have a market.

Saudi consumers also love BlingBling's high-value accessories. "Gold" and "Drilling Stone" are also hot search keywords in the fashion category. It is really not bad to buy.

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If you are exporting clothing in Saudi Arabia, you may be welcomed by the market with gorgeous accessories.

Discovery 2: The mobile terminal is a large traffic

After reading their points of interest, let's see where we can find these Saudi high-value users? 78% of shopping searches happen on the mobile side. The mainstream consumer of Saudi e-commerce is characterized by being young and rich, and highly dependent on the mobile side.

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Discovery 3: Unique online shopping festival drives sales

The two major online shopping festivals in the Middle East should pay attention: during Ramadan, Saudi consumers will have a shopping search climax of about 4 weeks (except for Eid al-Fitr). There is also "White Friday", which is four days before and after the last Friday in November. This online shopping festival is like China's "Double Eleven". It has been deeply rooted in people's hearts and is a promotional point that you must grasp. During the "White Friday" period, consumers' search interest exceeded the time period after Ramadan.