Qinghe Cashmere Brings Pamir

- Mar 28, 2019-

Yang Jichao, Xia Lingmin, Vice Chairman of China Textile Industry Federation, Zhang Qinghui, Chairman of China Fashion Designers Association, Fan Yingjun, Standing Committee of Qinghe County Committee and Standing Vice-Chairman of Qinghe County Committee, and nearly 200 guests and well-known media attended the conference.

Fan Yingjun said in his speech that Qinghe Cashmere Town is the first provincial characteristic town in Hebei Province. There are more than 100,000 cashmere industry practitioners in the county, more than 180 large-scale enterprises with fixed assets of more than 10 million yuan and 20 enterprises with fixed assets of more than 100 million yuan. It has formed a complete industrial chain of purchasing, carding, spinning and knitting from raw cashmere. Focusing on the goal of creating "Cashmere Capital and World Cashmere Valley", Qinghe Cashmere continuously excavates and inherits the core value of the brand of "Qinghe Cashmere", creates world-class cashmere quality, transmits the world-wide concept of cashmere life, carries the brand mission of providing people with high-quality and good life enjoyment, comprehensively promotes the "gentle strength" of Qinghe Cashmere, and makes every effort to promote the cashmere fashion industry better. Faster development.

The Pamirs

As a very precious raw material, cashmere has always occupied a dominant position in the field of textile and garment, but there are also defects of single change in color and shape. In this fashion show, Pamir launched two series of designs, worsted and woolen, breaking the traditional aesthetic way of cashmere clothing, conveying the spirit of fashion and beyond things with minimal design and sharp lines, and returning to the brand attitude of the true self.

Pamir worsted series includes wool and cashmere two different materials, exquisite style, exquisite craftsmanship, implicit color, matching mainly with the same color system, emphasizing the overall elegance and high quality. Simple to see rich, pure to see elegance. In the woolen series, the application of fancy yarn adds more "personality color" to the minimalist style, exquisite layout, neat design, colorful but not publicized, showing the intellectual beauty accumulated by women's rich experience with mottled yarn changes.