- Mar 27, 2019-

Red Bean Light Fashion Wave swept across China International Clothing Exposition, March 12-14, 2019, China International Clothing Exposition (CHIC 2019) opened in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. This year, the new concept of "light fashion" in men's wear of red beans has set off a wave of fashion at the Expo.

Red beans in this service exposition are attacking with the concept of "light fashion", which has become one of the highlights of the service exposition. "Red Bean Light Fashion" concept into the venue design, more permeated in every product, every detail, deduce a new dress habit, change the traditional fashion concept, let fashion into life, reflecting the light fashion lifestyle advocated by Red Bean Menswear

Red Bean Light Fashion Pavilion (booth No. 3M528) is located in the fashion men's wear exhibition area of Pavilion 3 of the Clothing Expo. It takes grey, white and log colors as the keynote, has open space, elegant and comfortable, showing a simple, low-key and atmospheric texture. The venue is generally divided into red bean men's wear, intelligent exhibition area, leisure coffee and live broadcasting room and other areas, both functional and ornamental. Simple but not simple, high quality but not luxury, low-key but not dull, this is the philosophy of life conveyed by the red bean light fashion, so all exhibitions, decorations and colors in the venue are returned to nature, simple and concise, see ingenious thinking in detail.

The fashion blockbuster Mr. Real, filmed by Wu Jing, the image ambassador of Red Bean outside the venue and at the main entrance, deduces the light fashion style of red bean men's wear, which is moderate, simple and natural. Men's wear area highlights the atmosphere with stable color matching and concise decoration. Natural comfort and simplicity are integrated with the wisdom and fashion of science and technology to create a comfortable experience atmosphere and show a life state close to nature.