Representative Of The National People's Congress, Embroidery Expert Of The Mabian Yi Autonomous County Of Sichuan Province, Qiao Jin Shuangmei, Helped More Farmers Get Rich As Soon As Possibl

- Apr 17, 2019-

I was born in Gaozhuoying Village, Gaozhuoying Township, Mabian Yi Autonomous County, Sichuan Province. I learned from the small school and I learned the costume design after I graduated from junior high school. In 2001, I returned to live in the country, worked over the farm, and worked, but I never gave up on the hobby of embroidery.

         In 2015, the fight against poverty was launched in Xiaoliangshan. With the support of the County Women's Federation, our five good sisters set up the first thorn embroidery cooperative in Mabian County – Huajian Embroidery. At the beginning, we walked into the village to provide women with cloth, needlework and technical guidance. The products were mainly promoted through the reputation of friends, family and customers. In 2007, the business of the cooperative was booming. We have selected the backbone of the business, specializing in embroidering and promoting, and calculating “dry stocks” based on contributions and capabilities, and dividends at the end of the year. By the end of the year, the average person had a dividend of more than 5,000 yuan.

        The people in difficulty have lived a good life, benefiting from the decision-making of the Party Central Committee, benefiting from the hearts and minds of party members and the masses. With the deepening of the fight against poverty, our cooperatives have continued to grow and develop, with more than 2,000 people trained in 20 townships throughout the county. We have established 8 studios in the county, more than 300 embroidered mothers, each year earning more than 10,000 yuan. In January of last year, the National Electric Network Company and our company jointly held the Embroidery Labor Competition. The embroidered mothers wore hand-embroidered costumes and took the stage. The enthusiastic applause of the audience made the sisters more self-confident. Through exhibitions and e-commerce, our embroidery is exported to Beijing, Hong Kong and Shenzhen. "Backing the baby, embroidering flowers, you can make money at home", now it has become the mantra of our Xiaoliangshan family.

         In 2018, I was elected as the representative of the 13th National People's Congress. This year's National Conference, I am going to talk about our experience in getting rid of poverty and strengthening the protection of intangible cultural heritage, increase cultural poverty alleviation, and let more traditional culture revitalize with rural revitalization, let peasants at home and even at home. You can work to get rich. It is my hope to let more people, especially women, get rich as soon as possible. I believe that there is a good policy of the Party Central Committee. This wish will be realized soon.