Sleeping Bag Is The Bag Used For Sleeping

- Aug 02, 2018-

A sleeping bag is a bag for sleeping. At present, most sleeping bags on the market have signs of comfortable temperature and extreme temperature. Comfort temperature is a series of temperatures that the user sleeps all night, with the highest and lowest. The highest comfort temperature refers to the heat that feels hot in the sleeping bag but is not a lot of sweat. The general definition is that the sleeping bag zipper is open, the arm is placed outside, and the head of the sleeping bag is not tightened.

Before buying a sleeping bag, how many problems do you have? How low is the temperature in the environment where I participate in the event? Do I care much about weight? How much do I plan to spend? If you only want to use sleeping bags in environments above 0 degrees, choose a lower temperature, such as -3 degrees or -5 degrees. If your cold resistance is weak, it is recommended that you also choose a sleeping bag with a lower temperature index. After all, it is much easier and safer for us to deal with warmth than to deal with cold.

Use a sleeping bag, keep it dry, because the sleeping bag is much warmer after damp, especially the down sleeping bag, it will not keep warm at all. Therefore, in heavy rain or water activities, protect the backpack from water, or seal the sleeping bag with a waterproof bag in advance. After the sleeping bag is damp, it should be dried or air-dried as soon as possible, and the wet down sleeping bag can not be stored for a long time, otherwise it will be mildewed or even metamorphosed.