Sleeping Bag Use Steps

- Aug 02, 2018-

1. Please fully extend the sleeping bag 1-2 days before the outdoor exercise, which will help to fully exert its warmth performance in the wild. Put the sleeping bag in the compression bag before you leave.

2. Do not wear a jacket to enter the sleeping bag in a cold environment. It is recommended to wear only underwear to sleep, which helps to quickly improve the temperature and sleep comfort of the sleeping bag.

3. In the camp, if time permits, the sleeping bag will be everted in the morning, placed on the top of the tent or in a dry, ventilated, sunny environment, which will help the sleeping bag to dry, but avoid the strong sunlight during the day.

4. When storing, you can take the sleeping bag once and squeeze most of the air. Then spread the sleeping bag and put the sleeping bag into the compression bag irregularly from the tail. It is not recommended to put it into the compression bag by means of winding, because the long-term regular winding will accelerate the aging of the sleeping bag surface cloth due to uneven force. 5, down sleeping bag fabric has waterproof or water-proof function, but if the weather is extremely humid on the way, please seal the sleeping bag with a plastic bag to prevent humid air from entering the sleeping bag.