The Textile Industry “going Out” Needs To Pay Attention To Giving Full Play To The Comprehensive Advantages Of China's Textile Industry China

- Mar 13, 2019-

On the evening of March 10, Yang Xun, a member of the 13th CPPCC National Committee and chairman of Jeanswest International (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., invited the Beijing University of Science and Technology to bring a topic to the teachers and students in the school's academic lecture hall. A wonderful speech on entrepreneurship and business. He talked about the entrepreneurial, development and personal experience of the four transformations, and exchanged ideas with the teachers and students in an interactive way, responding to the problems encountered by the younger generation in the concept of career choice, career development and space for improvement, and encouraged Young people must have a dedicated and professional craftsmanship in their entrepreneurship, enhance their sense of responsibility, and have a big picture and responsibility and responsibility for the development of the country. Yang Xun was invited to give a speech at this time, just as he attended the two sessions in Beijing. He and the students reviewed the tremendous development achievements of New China under the leadership of the party. He mentioned that the Communist Party of China struggled to establish a new China in 28 years and spent 40 years reforming and opening up a "rich country". The next goal is to "power the country." In this year's "Government Work Report", the Prime Minister used a limited amount of space to talk about the past. Three-quarters of the space is devoted to the country's development goals and future, which provides a broad space for young entrepreneurs to explore and encourage young people to the future. Development is full of confidence.

Yang Xun mentioned that he was a witness, witness and contributor in the process of reforming and opening up the "rich country" for 40 years. In the growth of Jeanswest, he deeply understood the "four self-confidences", especially the importance of road confidence and cultural self-confidence to the development of the company. For example, he said that in the cultural management of enterprises, they always follow the principle of "poor, self-sufficient, and good at the world." He emphasized that enterprises must have a culture and a responsibility to return to society while succeeding. As of now, Jeanswest's accumulated donation of more than 100 million yuan has contributed to building a harmonious society.

In response to questions from young students about the timing of entrepreneurship and the establishment of goals, Yang Xun encouraged everyone to say: "Entrepreneurship is not just about entrepreneurs, teachers, doctors, cleaners... Every industry is doing business, But what's important is that you need to have a craftsmanship and focus on everything. The road to success is to be good at observation, thinking and summarizing. The factors of success are three-point opportunity, three-point knowledge, and four-point effort. Today The achievements are past efforts, and today's efforts will become future achievements." He encouraged students not to give up, to grasp the feelings, to have determination, and to make achievements.

In the media exchange after the lecture, Yang Xun talked about the future development of textile manufacturing. He believes that although the current textile industry's production capacity is shifting to Southeast Asia, the integrity and advancement of China's textile industry structure is irreplaceable in Southeast Asian countries. When talking about the problem of the textile industry going out, Yang Xun believes that it is not enough to rely solely on the establishment of factories abroad. It is necessary to pay attention to the comprehensive advantages of China's textile industry chain in the process of “going out”.