Trademark Infringement Has Repeatedly Occurred In The Apparel Industry.

- Mar 05, 2019-

In 2008, he founded Beijing Okun International Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd., and he is also the executive director of Okun Law Firm. Under his leadership, “Oken International” has been rated as “National Excellent” by China Trademark Association for many years. "Trademark agency"; "post-80s" he has been deeply involved in the intellectual property industry for more than ten years. He is the founder of Beijing Okun International Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd. Li Chuanwen. As a worker who has been engaged in intellectual property protection for many years, he called for the comprehensive reform of intellectual property rights as an opportunity to strengthen the structural reform of the supply side of intellectual property, and further consolidate and enhance the quality and value of intellectual property.


In 2017, the number of applications for trademark registration in China reached 5,901,600, ranking first in the world. In 2017, the number of invention patent applications in China was 1.382 million, a year-on-year increase of 14.2%. A total of 402,000 invention patents were authorized, of which 327,000 were domestic invention patents, an increase of 8.2% year-on-year. Relevant data show that in recent years, China's intellectual property application or registration volume has risen year after year, which has highlighted the public's attention to intellectual property rights to a certain extent.

Li Chuanwen believes that the sharp increase in the number of intellectual property applications and registrations has brought about no small problem for intellectual property protection. Although the state has continuously increased the protection of intellectual property rights and the protection effect has been significantly enhanced, cases of intellectual property infringement have been exposed from time to time. Judging from the overall situation in China, there are still problems such as the lack of attention to intellectual property rights, the difficulty in transforming intellectual property rights, and the inadequacy of intellectual property protection. These issues urgently require the parties to resolve them vigorously. In Li Chuanwen's view, the lack of protection of intellectual property rights is a disruption to the innovation system, which is not conducive to stimulating the main body of innovation and entrepreneurship, nor is it conducive to creating a good environment for intellectual property rights.

Intellectual property is the benchmark for innovation

Q: The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out that “advocating an innovative culture and strengthening the creation, protection and application of intellectual property rights.” As an intellectual property practitioner, how do you understand the significance of intellectual property creation in accelerating the construction of an innovative country?

Li Chuanwen: The ability of scientific and technological innovation is the first factor to promote the development of productive forces, the main driving force for the development of knowledge economy, and the core factor for the capacity of sustainable development. The formation and development of sustainable production methods, lifestyles and social development models depend on the innovation, development and application of science and technology. Today, with new technologies emerging, the threshold for innovation is decreasing. The public has the opportunity to acquire knowledge and wisdom from a variety of sources. Everyone can participate in innovation to meet individualized and diverse consumer needs and user experiences, ultimately achieving the Chinese economy. sustainable development. China's innovation and creative strategy is proposed and promoted in this context.

Innovative results will ultimately be reflected in intellectual property, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, etc., so intellectual property protection has become the key to innovation strategy. Therefore, increasing intellectual property protection has become an inevitable requirement of social development. As an intellectual property practitioner, I am very happy to see this situation.

Question: From the agent's point of view, what is the significance of registered trademarks for market players in market competition?

Li Chuanwen: As a trademark agent practitioner, he is also a registered trademark participant. He has a greater say in the importance of trademark registration.

As an intangible asset of a company, a trademark is a crucial part of a company's market competition. Enterprises need to inject a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources to create high-quality brands, and they need to spend a lot of money to advertise products and brands. As a symbol of the company, trademark as a carrier of the quality, goodwill and popularity of products and services, it can make enterprises quickly understand by the society, and at the same time reflect the brand image of a company, which is one of the important sources of competitive advantage. It is related to the survival and development of the company.

A reputable trademark will give consumers a sense of trust when choosing goods or services, stimulating consumers' desire to buy. When trademarks have a sense of dependence in the hearts of consumers, companies naturally gain a larger market. Occupancy. Therefore, by operating a trademark, an enterprise can establish a good image and win the trust of consumers, thereby expanding the market to a greater extent and maximizing profits.

This case of profitability through trademarks is abound in the practice of Okun International. Therefore, as a company must pay attention to the importance of trademarks, do a good job in the protection of trademark brands, protect the reputation and good image of the company from being affected and damaged, and fully protect the interests of the company from infringement.

Q: From the perspective of your experience, which industries are applying for registered trademarks, what are the trends in recent years, and which industries have potential for large trademark registration applications in the future?


Li Chuanwen: Applying for a registered trademark can involve all industries. Representative industries such as food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, clothing, shoes, high-tech products, and modern service industries. In recent years, as the state encourages entrepreneurial innovation, the main body of trademark registration has changed from the past large enterprises and traditional enterprises to technological innovation enterprises and technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises. I believe that the future registration of trademarks will certainly be closely related to the direction of national development. Specifically, as enterprises pay more and more attention to intellectual property rights and become more and more highly recognized, the number of trademark applications in various industries will be greatly improved, especially clothing, shoes, hats and daily necessities. In the industry where the public demand is large and the demand is high, the number of trademark applications will continue to grow steadily. At the same time, as people's living standards continue to improve, the requirements for science and technology innovation industry are getting higher and higher, so the scientific instrument and other industries have the potential for large trademark registration applications in the future.

Opportunities and challenges in the intellectual property agency industry

Q: Okun International has successfully assisted “Shenyang Deshi Enterprise Group” to apply for the recognition of well-known trademarks. Please tell us about the significance of applying for the recognition of well-known trademarks to market players and the experience of intellectual property agencies in this case.

Li Chuanwen: The success of the “Shenyang Deshi Enterprise Group” well-known trademark is one of the many well-known trademarks.

Well-known trademarks refer to trademarks that are well known to the public. For example, "Wuliangye", "Guizhou Moutai", "Huawei", "Bosideng", "Jordan Sports", etc., these brands are known to everyone. If a company's trademark is recognized as a well-known trademark in China, it has many positive aspects for the company. If the company's trademark becomes a well-known trademark, it will be protected by greater legal protection, whether it is the scope of protection, the field of protection or the protection. Increase the value of the intangible assets of the trademark. At present, governments at all levels across the country have made enterprises in their respective regions “striving for well-known trademarks” as one of the focuses of government work, and have introduced incentive policies. In addition to direct economic incentives, they will be given special preferential policies. A well-known trademark is a combination of brand recognition and reputation. If a trademark is recognized as a well-known trademark, it means that the brand has been recognized as a quality product by the authoritative department, and it is a “brand name” that is genuine and not self-proclaimed in the minds of consumers. Therefore, the propaganda effect that can be brought about by the recognition of well-known trademarks is far from the comparison of general advertising investment. In this sense, it is the best brand promotion. The resulting comprehensive benefits will enable enterprises to gain a greater leading edge in the fierce market competition. Not to mention the further improvement of the company's brand image and the intangible assets of the company, so predictable results.

The application of well-known trademarks requires a large amount of evidence materials, so the trademark agency needs to form a benign cooperation mechanism with the enterprise. At the same time, the trademark agent needs to have high professional quality and professional ability. The identification of the well-known trademark of “Shenyang Deshi Enterprise Group” is successful. It is also the trust and affirmation of Okun International.