- Mar 30, 2019-

Amazon Tests Open Show One Hour Delivery Home Business

When the concept of "Show as Buy" seems to be disappearing, the model suddenly ushered in one of the most heavyweight players, and the "Show as Buy" model to the extreme - one hour delivery.

At the end of London Fashion Week, Amazon, the world's largest e-commerce group, and Nicopanda, the trendy brand, jointly conducted an hour-long "Show as You Buy" test, but Skus (unit of stock) was only six, which also showed that the model was still in the exploratory stage and that all actions were experimental.

Nicola Formichetti, founder of Nicopanda, is also a "net red" in itself. With Amazon's "magic" power, whatever the effect, it is an excellent marketing campaign for the brand and Amazon.

Nicopanda's London Fashion Week show in the spring and summer of 2018 was also decorated as an Amazon warehouse, and models used delivery cardboard boxes as props during the show.

For the water test, Susan Saideman, vice president of Amazon Fashion's European division, said he was glad to be able to provide exciting brands for the company's customers in the first place.

However, the service is limited to Amazon Prime London members and requires freight.

Fashion industry has a huge controversy about "Show is buy", and the top luxury goods represented by Gucci and Louis Vuitton scorn the model. However, British brands such as Burberry and Topshop, which are the birthplaces of fashion e-commerce, embraced it, and Tommy Hilfiger, an American brand, recently tried this model through the online Red cooperative fund.

The most typical case of this model is Tom Ford. After testing the "Show as You Buy" model, the American luxury goods and makeup brand has become the biggest opponent of the "Show as You Buy" model.

The model of "Show and Buy" needs to carry out inventory reserve ahead of time, and needs strong product, supply chain and logistics capabilities. As far as the current situation of retail industry is concerned, it is still acceptable as a marketing means, but it does not conform to the retail rules, or even violates the existing retail rules.

In the past two years, the fashion industry has been one of the focuses of Amazon's development. They have launched a number of fashion brands of their own, and introduced new technologies such as "on demand apparel manufacturing" and AI algorithm for fashion design.